STAMFORD, CT–(Marketwired – May 7, 2013) – Health Media Network (HMN), the fastest growing digital point-of-care (POC) media company in the U.S., has acquired the ad supported digital screen assets of KidsCare TV (KC TV) and Women’s Healthcare TV (WHC TV) in doctors offices throughout the country. This acquisition is the largest on record in the POC industry since 2008.

HMN is now the largest POC Women’s Health Network and Pediatric Network in the country with over 6,400 women’s health doctors and 4,511 children’s specialists. With this acquisition, HMN adds substantial scale and market share to its already formidable arsenal of IP addressable point-of-care networks.

According to industry data published by consulting company DTC Perspectives, Inc., POC will be at least 10 percent of direct-to-consumer (DTC) budget allocations in the next five years. That equates to $400-500 million in advertising spending.

In addition to the acquisition, HMN has signed a long-term licensing agreement with Care Media Holdings for its proprietary specialty content. Care Media places screens and delivers exclusive medical education content to doctors’ waiting rooms nationwide. Content is delivered via broadband and is advertiser supported. This medium of communicating with patients is an increasingly powerful connecting point between the consumers, marketers and advertisers.

Philip M. Cohen is president and CEO of Care Media Holdings, and the primary visionary and content developer for these networks. Formerly Director of Special Markets with Twentieth Century Fox, Cohen has been the leader in producing educational content for patients, doctors and healthcare providers for decades.

“Phil has a great reputation as a healthcare content producer and a tremendous following with doctors, physician office staff and patients who rely on Care Media’s content to educate, inform and entertain at the point-of care,” said Christopher Culver, HMN’s president and CEO. “The acquisition of Care Media’s digital assets continues our quest to become the largest IP addressable digital media company in the point-of-care space,” continues Culver.

Research proves that a majority of consumers find advertising to be more credible when seen in a doctor’s office than when seen on broadcast television. “We leverage the implied endorsement of the consumer’s trusted healthcare provider with Care Media’s place-based networks in pediatric and OB/GYN waiting rooms,” said Cohen. “Year after year, multiple studies of our networks have shown that contextually relevant ads generate high recall levels,” he noted.

Reaching today’s media-savvy consumer can be difficult. HMN’s acquisition and content partnership with Care Media will provide brands with the power of precision targeting, and the opportunity to connect, intercept, and influence purchase decisions in real time on the path to purchase. WHC TV boosts HMN’s network reach to over 5,300 OB/GYN doctors in more than 3,000 offices generating over five million monthly impressions against an influential female consumer and family decision maker.

Pediatric reach for HMN is equally strong. The numbers propel HMN to be the largest pediatric network in the country with over 4,000 pediatricians in network, generating 7,100,000 monthly impressions with a dwell-time of 23 minutes.

“HMN continues to validate its commitment to being the fastest growing IP-addressable digital point-of-care company,” said Culver. “We lead the industry through our ability to offer advertisers and brand managers multi-platform opportunities to reach more consumers at a pivotal time — at the point-of-care.”

About Health Media Network (HMN):
Launched in 2007, Health Media Network, (HMN), is the fastest growing digital media company in the U.S. providing education and health content in physician waiting rooms through a platform of 25 specialty health television networks. Using the latest digital technology, HMN is able to customize content by medical specialty providing physicians with relevant programming for their practice and advertisers with a targeted audience for their messaging. HMN currently reaches over 35,000 physicians in medical offices and healthcare systems across the country. All HMN programming is reviewed by a medical advisory board and is available at no cost to physicians.

About Care Media Holdings
CARE Media Holdings offers direct-to consumer television programming in high-definition directly to the waiting rooms of subscribing physician offices across the United States. Waiting rooms guarantee an engaged, attentive audience predisposed to listen to the pertinent information at hand. Emotionally engaging content segments are interspersed with relevant direct-to-consumer advertising to reach a well-defined target audience. Care Media Holdings is located in Tampa, FL.