STAMFORD, CT  Dec. 4, 2013 – Connecticut-based Health Media Network (HMN) and Florida-based Digital Blue Dog (DBD) have signed an agreement to exclusively represent DBD’s Oncology Network, creating the largest Oncology specific and patient-centric point-of-care network in the U.S.

The two companies will still maintain operational independence while HMN will exclusively represent the combined network of nearly 15,000 high prescription writers.

“Digital Blue Dog’s Oncology Network brings some of the finest world-class cancer treatment doctors to the HMN Oncology Network,” said Christopher Culver, CEO of Health Media Network.  “These oncologists are community based practices, considered some of the best in this clinical category.”

“This is an exciting and innovative opportunity for HMN and consistent with our growth strategy to engage and motivate patients to take action with their Oncology care providers,” stated Larry Newman, HMN’s Chief Operating Officer.  “Digital Blue Dog’s Network is a natural addition to our core point-of-care Oncology operations and offers advertisers of DTC and OTC brands a new, unique and profitable opportunity to reach the consumer with information that engages, educates and motivates them to have more meaningful discussions with their care providers.”

“Our goal is to build a world-class, hyper-focused Oncology Network providing relevant, engaging, and educational patient content,” said John Boyle, CEO of Digital Blue Dog.  “In an era of increasing number of patients and decreasing specialists to serve them, our network is critical in disseminating Oncology-specific information to patients as well as general health and well-being information.”

Point-of-care communication facilitates conversations between doctors and patients at the POC delivery site, with a documented immediacy that drives specific patient actions and requests vital to healthy living.  This video-based communication in the form of branded content and customized messages produces greater awareness of the benefits of preventative healthcare practices and compliance with doctor recommendations at a point in time when they are the most receptive – in their physician’s office.”

Point-of-care television networks encourage Oncology patients to be more aware, resulting in early detection and preventative care.  This provides a viable solution to meet the real-time needs of physicians, advertisers and consumers. It allows for physicians to treat more informed and medically compliant patients, advertisers to communicate about Oncology-specific products and patients to be educated in an entertaining manner.

Tim Boozan, Sr. Vice President of Florida Cancer Specialists, and DBD Network member said, “The Patient Education Network has been integral in improving our communication with both patients and staff.  It provides us with a tool that is state of the art, flexible and easily customized to our ever changing needs.  The feedback from our patients has been extremely positive.”

About Health Media Network (HMN)

Launched in 2007, Health Media Network, (HMN), is the fastest growing digital point-of-care media company in the U.S. providing education and health content in physician waiting rooms through a platform of 25 specialty health television networks.  Using the latest digital technology, HMN is able to customize content that provides physicians and marketers with relevant programming for their messages that advance health and healthcare outcomes to targeted audiences. HMN currently reaches over 40,000 physicians in medical offices and healthcare systems across the country. For more information, please visit Health Media Network at

About Digital Blue Dog

Digital Blue Dog is a full service creative Indoor /Outdoor Signage company. They specialize in Traditional Static Signs, Banners, LCD Screens, LED and Animated Plasma Displays.  Located in Sarasota, FL, Digital Blue Dog has been involved in the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) industry since 2007.    The company’s focus is on community based Oncology centers throughout the US. to provide digital point of care system to Oncology practices for the purpose of patient education, entertainment and empowerment.  For more information about adding a practice to the network or to advertise, visit


Deborah Radman