PetCareTV (PCTV) helps build brand awareness, advocacy, and consideration for both pet parents and their trusted Veterinarians.

We Asked Our Vet Practices about Food and Nutrition

PetCareTV Veterinarians participated in a survey to learn more about Veterinarian pet food and nutrition practices, category brand discussions, and pet parent content interests.

Here’s what we found out:

  • 97% report that pet food and nutrition are important topics of discussion in their practice
  • 97% provide food and nutrition recommendations for both dogs and cats
  • 1/3 of Veterinarians recommend pet retailers for food purchases

Pet parents are highly engaged consumers that care deeply about their pet’s health and wellness. They are a captive audience primed for pet care information and messaging, ready to have a discussion with their trusted Veterinarian about pet care and product options for their pet’s well-being.

  • 78% discussed topics or issues they watched on PetCareTV during their appointment with their Vet
  • 93% feel that PetCareTV influences, or can influence, pet healthcare decisions being made
  • 83% inquire about pet food and nutrition concerns during a Veterinarian visit
  • 95% want to learn more about pet food & nutrition related to pet weight loss, energy, and health issues
  • More than half want information on ingredients and diet needs by age of pet
    Source: *HMN PetCareTV Food and Nutrition Vet Survey, 2018; HMN PetCareTV Patient Survey, 2018

We Support Pet Parents Where They Need It Most

Health Media Network’s PetCareTV is committed to informative and entertaining educational programming to pet parents across the country to promote better conversations with Veterinarians and make informed healthcare and lifestyle decisions to positively impact the lives of pets.

Our Goal is Simple – Together, We Can Make Pets Happy and Healthy

PCTV is the only pet education media network connecting pet owners with information when and where pet health and wellness decisions are being made.

Let us show you how to put the power of the pet care office to work for your brand.


Empowering Pet Parents to Improve Health Outcomes