DARIEN, Conn., December 12, 2018 – PetCareTV, a division of Health Media Network – a leading and trusted Digital Point of Care company, announced a partnership with Southeastern Guide Dogs, dedicated to transforming lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs throughout the United States. Southeastern Guide Dogs trains dogs for people who are blind and for veterans. The partnership will highlight their services and good work on PetCareTV, as well as provide additional opportunity for fundraising support.

Beginning in December, PetCareTV will debut Pip – an animated short film about the journey of a small but mighty guide dog pup. The film has become a viral sensation with its heartfelt story and appealing characters. The film will be aired on PetCareTV along with a donation message to encourage viewers to support the organization’s work and mission.

“At PetCareTV, our core values speak to the desire to support those organizations who are making an impact on companion animals and the people they serve. By partnering with Southeastern Guide Dogs, we are able to shine a light on an organization that is doing important work in this regard.” said Christopher J. Culver, CEO of PetCareTV. “We are committed to educating people, and we are extremely excited to have Southeastern Guide Dogs on board with us as a content partner.”

 According to a 2018 PetCareTV Survey, 95 percent of network veterinarian partners say that PetCareTV is valuable to their practice. Additionally, close to 70 percent of pet parents support pet causes and want to see programming around the topic.

“Southeastern Guide Dogs is honored to partner with PetCareTV to promote our delightful animated short film, Pip, in veterinarians’ offices everywhere,” noted Titus Herman, CEO of Southeastern Guide Dogs.  “Pip has already won more than 100 million hearts worldwide with her underdog’s tale of four small paws and one big dream. Just like the real superhero dogs that we breed, raise and train, Pip will grow up to save the day—everyday—for people with visual impairments and veterans with disabilities. This is a wonderful opportunity for additional viewers to learn about the mission of Southeastern Guide Dogs, and to help us transform lives with dignity, freedom and independence.” https://pipfilm.com/

PetCareTV is a leader in Pet Parent Marketing. The conversation doesn’t end when our pet parents leave the veterinarian’s office – in fact, that’s where it really takes off.  With PetCareTV, brands can target this uniquely passionate and engaged consumer segment at every point in the pet parent journey – from Point of Care (veterinarian offices), to Point of Play (dog parks to pet daycare), Point of Place (homes, shelters, pet cafes), to Point of Purchase (retailers, specialties, mass websites).

About PetCareTV (PCTV)
PetCareTV is a division of Health Media Network (HMN). HMN, is a leading and trusted Digital Point of Care media company. Health Media Network provides targeted health education in Physician Waiting Rooms and Hospital Systems to advance consumer health literacy and facilitate better doctor/patient conversations. PetCareTV is the largest education network within the trusted veterinarian office environment. Visit http://www.hmnads.com

About Southeastern Guide Dogs
Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs. The organization employs some of the most talented and innovative scientists and trainers in the working-dog industry and operates the most advanced training facilities of any service dog organization in the world. Our experts train guide dogs, service dogs, and skilled companion dogs for people with visual impairments, veterans with disabilities, and children with significant challenges such as vision loss or loss of a parent in the military.

All of Southeastern Guide Dogs’ services—which include selective breeding and expert dog training and conditioning; comprehensive on-campus student instruction; and lifetime alumni support—are provided at no cost to the recipients. The charity relies 100 percent on private donations and receives no government funding. Southeastern Guide Dogs has the distinction of being dually accredited by the two premier, global accreditation bodies: the International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International. Learn more at www.GuideDogs.org.

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