DARIEN, Conn., October 24, 2018 – PetCareTV, a division of Health Media Network – a leading and trusted Digital Point of Care company, announced a partnership with Morris Animal Foundation, the largest worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing animal health through scientific inquiry. The partnership will highlight Morris Animal Foundation’s animal health studies on PetCareTV, as well as provide additional educational programming to advance animal health at home and in the clinic.

According to a 2018 PetCareTV Survey, 95 percent of network veterinarian partners say that PetCareTV is valuable to their practice. Additionally, veterinarians noted PetCareTV positively influences pet healthcare decisions and that pet parents make more informed and educated choices about the health and wellness of their pets.

“PetCareTV is the largest education network within the trusted veterinarian office environment. We established a robust media network to promote education because caring for our pets is a lifetime of decisions, experiences and choices.” said Christopher J. Culver, CEO of PetCareTV. We are committed to helping parents make the right decisions for their loved ones, and we are extremely excited to partner with Morris Animal Foundation to further positively impact the lives of pets.”

“Morris Animal Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of animals everywhere through scientific study,” said Tiffany Grunert, President and CEO of Morris Animal Foundation. “Our partnership with PetCareTV allows us to share what we have learned and engage pet parents in the role the Foundation plays in the health of their beloved pets. It’s only with the support of these animal lovers that we can continue to advance veterinary medicine for the sake of all animals.”

PetCareTV is a leader in Pet Parent Marketing. The conversation doesn’t end when our pet parents leave the veterinarian’s office – in fact, that’s where it really takes off.  With PetCareTV, brands can target this uniquely passionate and engaged consumer segment at every point in the pet parent journey – from Point of Care (veterinarian offices), to Point of Play (dog parks to pet daycare), Point of Place (homes, shelters, pet cafes), to Point of Purchase (retailers, specialties, mass websites).

About PetCareTV (PCTV)
PetCareTV is a division of Health Media Network (HMN). HMN, is a leading and trusted Digital Point of Care media company. Health Media Network provides targeted health education in Physician Waiting Rooms and Hospital Systems to advance consumer health literacy and facilitate better doctor/patient conversations. PetCareTV is the largest education network within the trusted veterinarian office environment.

With 299,656 media touchpoints, reaching 300,225 Healthcare Professionals, and the most robust mobile health activation in the Point of Care market, HMN impacts an estimated 391MM+ patient and caregiver impressions annually. Health Media Network provides physicians and brands with the ability to segment with customized messaging—with the overall goal of improving health population outcomes. For more information, visit http://www.hmnads.com

About Morris Animal Foundation
Established in 1948, Morris Animal Foundation is dedicated to improving and protecting the health of animals through scientific innovation, education and inspiration. Our investment in research has yielded life-saving vaccines, new treatments for critical diseases, superior screening tests and advanced diagnostic tools.

The Foundation responds to emerging animal health threats that endanger entire species and make new discoveries in basic animal biology to support applied research. With every study funded – more than 2,600 to date – the Foundation strives to advance the science of veterinary medicine, honoring the founding principles of Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. to benefit animals worldwide. Learn more at morrisanimalfoundation.org

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