DARIEN, Conn., December 12, 2018 – PetCareTV, the first and largest in-vet video media network, has announced a partnership today to launch a 12-part series, “A Dog’s Journey Home,” with OnlyGood.tv (OGTV), a streaming video on-demand network dedicated to delivering heartwarming and uplifting programming. Airing as a weekly short form content block, the series will have its second season debut on the network in January of 2019. The series can also be viewed on PetCareTV and OGTV sister sites including Hooplaha.com.

“A Dog’s Journey Home” brings to life the story of TracysDogs, a San Antonio, TX based non-profit whose team of passionate animal enthusiasts work tirelessly to save the lives of thousands of dogs and find them proper homes across the country. Their sole purpose is to rescue abandoned dogs, rehabilitate them, and find them their forever families.

“PetCareTV is thrilled, to be partnering with OGTV on this first-ever original series,” said Christopher J. Culver, CEO of Health Media Network, the parent company of PetCareTV. “This type of programming supports our brand mission, and provides our advertising partners the opportunity to align with content that resonates with our PetCareTV vets and audience.”

Spearheading the effort is SVP, Brand Development, Ann Brown. “Animal rescue and adoption represent quality of life issues that are important to our brand and to our passionate pet parent audience. Our partnership allows PetCareTV to showcase great stories about animals developed and produced through the OnlyGood News Studios.”

PetCareTV is a leader in Pet Parent Marketing. Through this exclusive partnership with OGTV, PetCareTV provides passionate pet parents with programming that aligns with their core beliefs about dog rescue. According to a recent PetCareTV Survey, close to seventy percent of pet parents want to see content about pet rescue, with another forty percent interested in learning about pet charities.

“The OGTV mission is to find America’s everyday heroes and tell their stories,” said Laurence Sheinman, OGTV’s Chief Marketing Officer. “In A Dog’s Journey Home,” we follow Tracy and Scott and their team who model the kind of selfless, passionate behavior that sends to everyone a very positive message of hope and joy.”

About PetCareTV (PCTV)
PetCareTV believes that people and pets are better together, pets are family, and every pet deserves a home.  We are dedicated to the health, happiness, and wellness of pets and the families who love them. PetCareTV is the first and largest pet parent media brand at Point of Care brought to you by Health Media Network, a leading and trusted Digital Point of Care media company established in 2007.

About OnlyGood.tv
OnlyGood.tv is the answer for the socially conscious, chord-cutting content consumer.  Only Good News (OGN), a Digital Media Company and Content Creation Studio, launched OnlyGood.tv (OGTV), as a niche streaming network to lead a national Positivity Movement through member-exclusive content. The movement highlights social issue solutions and OGN has been using emotional storytelling since 2012 to inspire the viewer with videos about people and organizations that are committed to the message of empowerment, hope and compassion.

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