How many pets do you follow on social media? Do you have pages for your own furry friends? Fact is, we all love our pets and have found ways to integrate them into our daily lives and share the joy with friends, families, and followers. Studies have shown the impact that pets have on the health of our lives—mind, body, and spirit. We wanted to hear more about what our PetCareTV pet parents had to say about how we impact them as pet lovers.

What They Had To Say:

  • “Great information and love watching.”
  • “Should be on home TV.”
  • “It’s great and entertaining! Very educational. Funny too!”
  • “Great service.”
  • “I appreciate the additional information that I learn from watching PetCareTV.”

We talked to the pet parents who we reach through PetCareTV

100% of pet parents watch PetCareTV while in their Veterinarian’s Office
93% of pet parents feel that PetCareTV influences, or can influence, pet healthcare decisions being made
88% rate the quality of programming as high to very high and feel that PCTV makes them feel more informed and educated about the health and wellness of their pets
78% of pet parents discussed topics or issues they watched on PetCareTV during their appointment with their vet
75% of pet parents use their smartphone for education on their pet’s health and wellness
Over 50% of PetCareTV viewers make decisions on purchasing food and nutritional products through their own self-education and knowledge
43% pet parents purchase their pet food at a specialty pet retailer

Topics of Interest

Pet parents were most interested in learning about:

  • Pet Insurance – 49%
  • Training Devices and Shopping Incentives – 44%
  • Pet Obesity and Infectious Diseases – 38%
  • Dental Disease and Preventive Diseases – 36%

We Support Pet Parents Where They Need it Most

Health Media Network’s PetCareTV is committed to informative and entertaining educational programming to pet parents across the country to promote better conversations with veterinarians and make informed healthcare and lifestyle decisions to positively impact the lives of pets.

Our Goal is Simple – Together, We Can Make Pets Happy and Healthy

PCTV is the only pet education media network connecting pet owners with information when and where pet health and wellness decisions are being made.

Let us show you how to put the power of the pet care office to work for your brand.

Source: HMN PetCareTV Patient Survey, 2018



Empowering Pet Parents to Improve Health Outcomes