The Way Americans View Pets Today Has Evolved

We spend hours following our favorite animals on social media. We watch TV shows about pets and socialize in our lives around our pets’ friends and other pet parents. Just like Dr. Doolittle, we talk to the animals and view them as an integral part of our lives and our families, and want them to live the very best and healthiest life possible.

We Treat Our Pets

64% frequently purchase holiday presents for their pet
45% regularly buy their pets gifts
45% have bought birthday presents for their pets
Source: The Harrison Poll

And pet spending is growing in new areas that include organic pet foods, home delivery boxes, technology and communication devices, so we can provide our beloved pets with the very best.

The Humanization of Pets is on the Rise and Continuing to Increase

80% think their pets can sense their moods^
65% admit that their dog is their best friend in the world*
48% of cat owners swear they watch TV^
41% have more conversations with their pups than their partners—and are more likely to tell them their deepest secrets*
An average pet parent takes six snaps of their pet a week*
25% blow dry their pet after a bath^^
1 in 10 pets has a social media profile#
Source: *The Daily Mail Survey; ^Mercola Healthy Pets; ^^DailyInfographic, #Digital Trends

We Support Pet Parents Where They Need it Most

PetCareTV is committed to informative and entertaining educational programming to pet parents across the country to promote better conversations with veterinarians and make informed healthcare and lifestyle decisions to positively impact the lives of pets.

Because Pets are Family, Too

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Empowering Pet Parents to Improve Health Outcomes


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