Health Media Network (HMN) Acquires Medical Office Network Assets from MedMedia, LLC, and Continues to Drive Scale and Growth

Darien, CONN — JUNE 25, 2015 — Health Media Network (HMN), one of the nation’s fastest growing digital Point of Care companies, announced today that it has acquired medical office network assets from MedMedia, LLC, a private digital media company based in Mission Viejo, California.

MedMedia, founded in 2008, operates two media platforms that deliver a “best-in-class” mix of news, healthcare information, and entertainment content to patient waiting rooms.

“This acquisition is consistent with HMN’s framework of organic and strategic growth to drive scale for the overall HMN business, while expanding our footprint in Southern California, one of the largest DMAs in the country,” says Chris Culver, the CEO of Health Media Network (HMN) based in Darien, Connecticut.

“We’ve been impressed by MedMedia’s longstanding and rock-solid reputation in Point of Care patient education,” says Culver. “The business is perfectly aligned with HMN’s mission to provide trusted healthcare communications that advance consumer health literacy, and facilitate better conversations between doctors and patients, to improve healthcare outcomes.”

“We have been very pleased to work with the HMN executive team to transition medical offices from MedMedia to HMN.  It was our desire that the former MedMedia offices continue to receive the same professional services that we had been providing.  HMN is an industry leader in the Point of Care space and I know they will provide top notch content and support to our former offices.” says Joe Collins, the CEO of MedMedia.

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About Health Media Network (HMN)
Launched in 2007, Health Media Network, (HMN), is one of the fastest growing a digital Point of Care media company in the U.S., providing education and health content in physician waiting rooms through a platform of 30 specialty health networks. Using the latest digital technology, HMN is able to customize content that provides physicians and marketers with relevant programming for their messages to improve health and healthcare outcomes to targeted audiences. HMN currently reaches more than 55,000 physicians in over 12,000 medical offices and healthcare systems across the country. For more information, visit Health Media Network at

About MedMedia LLC

MedMedia, LLC is a private digital media company based in Southern California and operates two separate networks that are displayed in patient waiting-areas of medical offices. MedMedia is present in top orthopedic offices in the Los Angeles area and Televida is a Spanish-language network serving doctors’ offices and clinics in high Hispanic population areas.

MedMedia’s mission is to provide their medical office partners with a best-in-class ‘waiting-room’ program and information service that engages, informs, educates, entertains and connects with patients and visitors. MedMedia and Televida’s program content is a mix of current news and healthcare information as well as general-interest and entertainment segments. MedMedia strives to establish a media platform that connects with highly valued consumers at a time when they are most receptive. Both networks are advertising supported networks. For more information, visit:

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