DARIEN, Conn., Dec. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Health Media Network (HMN), one of the nation’s fastest growing Point of Care media companies, announced today that it has acquired the waiting room digital screens previously operated by the Elite Sampling & Media Group.

Founded in 1996, Elite Sampling & Media Group is a leading provider of targeted sampling and out-of-home programs. “We have decided to focus on our longstanding core business at the Point of Care,” said Nick DeBellis, CEO, Elite Sampling & Media Group. “In doing so, we wanted to be sure that the offices and physicians where we had installed TVs were taken care of properly. Health Media Network is a leader and top-quality provider in the Point of Care Television arena and we feel very comfortable that our offices and physicians will be in very good hands with them.”

“With this acquisition, HMN continues to demonstrate its focus on long-term strategic growth while driving network expansion with high-prescribing physicians. This strategy aligns with our core mission. Health Media Network’s trusted communication platforms (Digital TV, Digital Wallboards, Mobile/Beacons and Custom Publishing) provide education and insight to patients in healthcare facilities during their journey for better health outcomes,” said Christopher J. Culver, CEO of Health Media Network.

About Health Media Network (HMN)
Launched in 2007, Health Media Network, (HMN), is one of the fastest growing digital Point of Care media companies in the U.S., providing education and health content in physician waiting rooms through a platform of 30 specialty health networks. Using the latest digital technology, HMN is able to customize content that provides physicians and marketers with relevant programming for their messages to improve health and healthcare outcomes to targeted audiences. HMN currently reaches more than 55,000+ physicians in over 13,000+ medical offices and healthcare systems across the country. For more information, visit Health Media Network at www.hmnads.com.

About Elite Sampling & Media Group
Elite Sampling & Media Group is a leading provider of targeted sampling and out-of-home media programs. Elite offers Patient Education programs segmented by therapeutic area at the Point of Care and also provides both highly targeted and mass reach sampling and promotional programs to major corporations through numerous venues.

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For Elite Sampling & Media Group:
Nick DeBellis

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