DARIEN, Conn., March 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Health Media Network (HMN), one of the nation’s fastest growing Point of Care companies, and The Wellness Network (TWN), the largest in-hospital education television network in the United States, today announced an exclusive alliance to link doctor’s offices and hospitals to extend the reach and benefits of educational content to healthcare consumers across the continuum of care.

HMN and TWN, with a combined scale of 300,000 screens and 30,000,000 monthly impressions, will leverage their highly engaging health platforms to align content and deliver patient education and health information from in-office visits to hospital stays. This partnership also features a strategic sales alliance in which the two companies will combine digital platforms to deliver the largest physician office and hospital media footprint in the country.

HMN and TWN have a commonly shared mission: to provide relevant, high quality content at multiple points across a patient’s healthcare continuum—from doctor’s visit to hospital admission and post-discharge care. “Teaming up of two premiere in-office and in-hospital networks makes good business sense for both our healthcare providers and our advertisers, who will enjoy a broader reach and more in-depth patient/consumer engagement,” says Christopher J. Culver, President and CEO of Health Media Network.

“Every hospital and doctor’s office has challenges empowering and engaging patients. This alliance is the first of several initiatives for TWN in supporting increased care coordination by physician practices and expanding the value of our educational offerings,” says Dave Ross, CEO of The Wellness Network.

About Health Media Network (HMN)
Launched in 2007, Health Media Network, (HMN), is one of the fastest growing digital Point of Care media companies in the U.S., providing education and health content in physician waiting rooms through a platform of 30 specialty health networks. Using the latest digital technology, HMN is able to customize content that provides physicians and marketers with relevant programming for their messages to improve health and healthcare outcomes to targeted audiences. HMN currently reaches more than over 60,000 physicians in over 13,000+ medical offices and healthcare systems across the country.

For more information, visit Health Media Network at www.hmnads.com.

About The Wellness Network (TWN)
The Wellness Network (TWN) is dedicated to delivering life-enhancing wellness information to motivate patients to take action, aid hospitals in meeting accreditation, and improve overall quality of healthcare.  TWN’s award-winning library of over 2,800 clinically reviewed video and print resources is available via the most comprehensive health network in the U.S., in more than 2,300 hospitals, on 300,000 tablet and TV screens and online with a monthly engagement of 550,000 people. In addition, TWN’s integrated hardware and software solutions support healthcare system’s patient engagement and compliance initiatives. In partnership with Joint Commission Resources, TWN offers continuing medical education programs and other products for healthcare professionals. More information about The Wellness Network can be found at www.thewellnessnetwork.net.

Media Contacts
Health Media Network:
Alicesa Vongluekiat, SVP Marketing

The Wellness Network:
Dave Ross, CEO

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