Stamford (CT), Feb. 19, 2013:  Health Media Network (HMN), the fastest growing digital media company in the U.S., announced today it has made an equity investment in Apricot Hill a digital lifestyle multimedia and social utility company. HMN Founder and CEO Christopher J. Culver joins its Board of Directors.

Apricot Hill will be HMN’s exclusive lifestyle partner providing content and creative across a spectrum of healthy lifestyle topics (style, traditions, entertaining, destinations, vitality and sustainability) for distribution throughout HMN’s 23 specialty health television networks reaching more than 35,000 physicians while generating millions of annual impressions to a health conscious consumer.  Apricot Hill will participate in HMN’s folio of touch points across its vertical media environments including digital, brochure, poster, and custom publishing.

Apricot Hill, the place where a defined lifestyle meets a well-managed life, is unique among digital and social media platforms.  Apricot Hill’s integrated products include a digital lifestyle magazine; a free digital Card Exchange filled with limitless lifestyle resources and a subscription-based Membership Community embedded with online personal management tools designed to capture, organize and remember ideas and experiences. 

“HMN’s partnership with Apricot Hill benefits patients and caregivers in our rapidly expanding point-of-care network,” commented HMN CEO Christopher J. Culver.  “Apricot Hill is fresh and engaging offering equal doses of inspiration and practical leadership to empower individuals to define their lifestyles and manage their lives.  HMN, powered by Apricot Hill, welcomes the opportunity to deliver the positive effect of Apricot Hill to drive wellness and vitality among consumers.”

“HMN’s investment in, and partnership with, Apricot Hill presents us with a definite competitive advantage and clear path to growth given the sheer magnitude of HMN’s media value enhanced only by the inherent benefit of having Chris Culver, a proven media industry innovator, at our side,” said Nancy Aust Strickland, Founder and CEO, Apricot Hill.

“HMN’s expanding digital media network is the perfect forum to share Apricot Hill’s value proposition and build a constituency.  It’s simple really, “if you define your lifestyle and manage your life you will live each day more organized, less stressed, feeling more vital as a better spouse, parent, co-worker, friend and community leader.  As a result you will be healthier and happier with more time to do what you love with people you love and live sustainably.”

HMN expects to immediately introduce Apricot Hill healthy lifestyle creative and content into its vertical media folio.   With its digital lifestyle magazine, Apricot Hill encourages everyone to build a personal library of digital cards via its free Card Exchange.  Offering limitless ideas and inspiration from Apricot Hill, its business and brand partners, Card Exchange is more than pretty pictures; it’s simple and easy to use.

About Health Media Network:

HMN is the fastest growing digital media company in the U.S. providing education and health content in physician waiting rooms through a platform of 23 specialty health television networks and a folio of touch points including brochures, poster displays  and custom publishing.

About Apricot Hill:

Apricot Hill is a digital lifestyle multimedia and social utility company with integrated products to define lifestyle and manage life.  Apricot Hill delivers inspiration to define lifestyle via a digital lifestyle magazine.

Contact: Christopher J. Culver, 212-358-4001

Nancy Aust Strickland, 843-795-9292