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“We are grateful for the service and find it an integral part of our client education program.”

“We love it.”

“Very informative and well received.”

“PetCareTV has been a great addition to our waiting room.”

“The pet industry is strongest when we all work together for the common good.”

-Steven Feldman, Executive Director of the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute

We take the care and health of pets seriously at HMN.  We wanted to get feedback about how effective and useful our media network is from the pet care physician perspective.  And, while Dr. Doolittle can talk to the animals, we talked to our Vets!  We were happy to hear how well received PetCare TV is, and wanted to provide you with some insights, as well.

Pets and Health and Wellness …. Oh My!
We talked to our Veterinary Practice Partners, and here’s what they had to say:

95% state that PCTV is valuable to their practice
84% of vets say that pet parents watch PCTV while waiting in their offices
81% say that PCTV influences, or can influence, pet healthcare decisions being made based on educational programming presented
77% say that PCTV makes pet parents more informed and educated about the health and wellness of pets
72% rate the quality of programming as high to very high
56% say pet parents would be interested in special offers from brands that are relevant to their pet’s health and wellness
47% of vets are seeing pet parents using their smartphones for more education on their pet’s health and wellness
44% of vets say that pet parents discuss topics or issues they have seen watching during their visits
Source: *HMN PetCareTV Vet Survey, 2017

We Support Pet Parents Where They Need it Most

Health Media Network’s PetCareTV is committed to informative and entertaining educational programming to pet parents across the country to promote better conversations with veterinarians and make informed healthcare and lifestyle decisions to positively impact the lives of pets.

Our Goal is Simple – Together, We Can Make Pets Happy and Healthy

PCTV is the only pet education media network connecting pet owners with information when and where pet health and wellness decisions are being made.

Let us show you how to put the power of the pet care office to work for your brand.


Empowering Pet Parents to Improve Health Outcomes